WAX Blockchain: Gaming Platform and Digital Asset Market Provider

General Information

Course name: WAX Blockchain: Gaming platform and digital asset market provider
Duration: 1-2h
Course structure: Three modules (Course Outline, WAX Basics, WAX Ecosystem)
Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of blockchain technology and interest in tokenized assets (both in-game and real-world) would be advantageous. 

Course goals

The WAX Blockchain: Gaming platform and digital asset market provider

Teach what the WAX ecosystem is and how it can be applied.

Course summary

The advent of blockchain has enabled the rise of in-game trading of virtual items using decentralized platforms built with this emerging technology.

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) presents a unique opportunity for millions of gamers worldwide to come together and open their virtual stores under one platform, where they can buy, trade, and sell their virtual assets.

This course offers a deep insight into the operational capabilities of the WAX blockchain, and how WAX aims to become a global marketplace for gamers to trade their virtual goods safely and profitably.

Course Instructors

Fernando Sanchez Fernando Sanchez Author
Annabella Annabella Instructor

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